Objective: This study was conducted in order to examine consumption and addiction of alcohol of university students.

Methodology: This descriptive study was conducted with 378 students who accepted to participate in this study in a university between April and July 2017. Data were collected through face-to-face interviews.  In the analysis of the data, correlation, chi-square and student t-test were used.

Results: The average age of the students has been found as 20.90±2.14. The first experience of alcohol has been found at the age of 16.16±3.44. The most important reasons at the first experience have been found as curiosity (56.16 %), circle of friends (17.24 %) and alcoholic places (10.84 %). The prevalence of the alcohol consumption has been found as 34.46%. The difference between alcohol consumption and gender have been found meaningful statistically (p<0.05). It has been found that the alcoholic beverage drunken first time by 26.55% of the attendants is the beer. Alcohol consumption will continue to be a problem in the future as in today. The curiosity of this material should be eliminated, which started to be used particularly in the puberty period and increased in usage as entered into the different environments.

Conclusion: We are considering that the curiosity developing in this period will decrease providing that the scientific knowledge should be reached. With the conferences and seminars to be given to the students and raising awareness, we believe that the problem can be avoided in the long run. By raising awareness through the conferences and the seminars to be given to the students, we believe that the problem can be avoided in the long term.