Analysis of the results of well-known studies, original laboratory, as well as operati-onal on dozens of cars, confirms the possibility of low-cost and noticeable improvement of tribotechnical properties of mates working in motor and transmission oils by electrical ex-posure to them. In laboratory tests, DC voltage supply of 12-33 V, and possibly up to 100 V, on parts made of copper, aluminum, zinc and tin alloys, washed with oil, achieved a significant reduction in friction and wear at low loads, less - at medium and no effect in the nominal mode. In the conditions of operation, the modernization of machines by sup-plying DC voltage to the oil-washed insulated even steel parts in the engine and transmis-sion units provides savings of at least 3, in different conditions, 10-18, and mainly 12% of motor fuel. The same expedient processing of oil hydraulic equipment.